Best Ever Apple Fritter Loaf!

I don’t ever blog about food, like, I’m not a chef or a cook or even a foodie. But I do have life experience cooking and baking as a single mom with two of the most honest and critical children ever. So when I come across something that hits, and I mean HITS, I need … More Best Ever Apple Fritter Loaf!


I feel like you’d soothe my soul. You’d console me and make me feel better and you’d touch me without even touching me. You’d lay with me and stroke me and touch my hair, and you’d play with my curls. You’d look into my eyes and you’d stay there, quiet, feeling my need for peace. … More Comfort.

Summer, 2015.

   Ever heard your stomach growl underwater?  It’s just that much more intense.  It’s like, you can actually feel your intestines move inside.  And it’s kinda cool. I reached for the blue noodle and wrapped it behind my head and shoulders and let my fingertips just graze the water.  I laid my head back and … More Summer, 2015.

Nick & My Vavo.

Seventeen years ago today, around this time, I was having contractions. My grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer a couple of months back and my mom was busy taking care of my sick uncle who wasn’t able to care for himself.  I was staying at my parents’ house to help out my stay-at-home-mom. I was … More Nick & My Vavo.

#ThrowbackThursday – “All Around The World” – Lisa Stansfield

Okay so this week’s story is better than last week’s. I was a teenager when this song came out and riding dirty with my best guy friend, of whom I loved the entire world out of, in my mom’s Oldsmobile station wagon. You know those really big station wagons? The one where you could hide … More #ThrowbackThursday – “All Around The World” – Lisa Stansfield

#ThrowbackThursday – “You Should Be My Girl” – Sammie feat. Sean Paul of Youngbloodz

So last week on my way in to work, tired of listening to my satellite radio and “We Dem Boys” by Wiz and his crew – what a lie; that song reminds me of my teenage boys and I could listen to it all day long – I reached into my huge CD case and … More #ThrowbackThursday – “You Should Be My Girl” – Sammie feat. Sean Paul of Youngbloodz


I’m pullin’ over near your building, I light a candle on the dashboard, we’re chillin’. I knew a girl like you would love a scene like this, you got class but deep down you’re real freakish, you got it all, but you never had a wild episode. – ‘Backseat’ ~ LL Cool J Original journal … More Backseat.