I’m Tired….

Just ’cause I speak my mind does not make me condescending. Just ’cause I’m loud doesn’t mean I’ll yell at you. Just ’cause I walk tall doesn’t mean I’m proud.

I’m not scary. I promise you I’m sweet. And I’m hardly a talker. I listen. And I listen well. I will listen to you talk about your insecurities, in a whisper. I’ll hear you when you’re trying to be quiet. I’ll read into everything you say because, quite frankly, I think everything is about me, even when it’s about you.

This instability of yours, this doubt, this indecision….it’s quite draining to be honest. My chest is heavy from running around in circles. And I’m left with so many questions….questions I know won’t be answered because…..well because you have so much to hide.

But still you remain. Still, here you are.

Make my chest heavy from breathing heavily…..

Stop tiring me out. I will pass out soon enough…..

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