Miserable? Check Yourself.

*Dedicated to my dear cousin Terry who is currently battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at the tender age of  29*

I despise miserable people.  You know the type….

They walk into the office with barely a mumble, hiding behind their black clothing (I wear black all the time, but I wear it happily, not miserably), dragging their feet, complaining every time their phone rings, bitching that their S.O. didn’t call/text/sex them. 

They complain about what they have planned for the weekend, complain about being bored, complain about having so much to do, bitch about their whiny kids that they don’t smack upside the head, repeatedly comment on the extra weight they’ve put on and order Burger King for lunch.

You catch my drift right?

Let’s discuss this for a bit shall we?


You have a JOB, a roof over your head, your HEALTH is in check, you drive a car or have a bus pass, you have friends, family and possibly, maybe even one or two people that would catch a damn grenade bullet for you (probably your mother and/or a sibling).

And you’re walking in here with this look of death?!?!?

There’s nothing that bothers me more.  Maybe (and yes, I will bust out the age card every chance I get because I know how great I thought I was at 21!!!) it’s because I’m older and had to listen to all of you youngn’s stories over the years  have experienced a little bit more than you have.

Case in point:

Have you watched a loved one die from a terminable illness?  I mean, sat at their bedside watching them take their last breaths here on earth?  Literally?  Their eyes rolled up into the back of their head, their face as white as the pillow they lay on, foaming at the mouth?  Yes, foaming at the mouth.

Two days prior to said foaming, do you know what this person was doing?  Singing quietly, praying and telling their loved ones how much they loved them.  They were happy.  They were content.  Even.  On. Their.  Deathbed.

I’ve lost two aunts, two grandmothers and a father-in-law in the last decade of my life.  And FORTUNATELY for me, I was there for three of those deaths, praying and reading out loud from the bible, asking God to take them into His home.  I was FORTUNATE enough to see death happen right in front of my eyes as their loved ones cried quietly.  I was FORTUNATE enough to survive all that sadness, so that I, in turn, would be APPRECIATIVE of my LIVING SOUL.

Be happy man.  Smile.  Something going wrong in your life?  Fix it.  There’s NO reason, in this wonderful God given world of ours, that you should be miserable.  Unless of course, you’re homeless, sick, unemployed.  And even two out of those three are repairable.

And word to my youngn’s…..I’m STILL here…..hopefully you’ll be at MY deathbed one day, praying over me…..

Peace and love all.

8 thoughts on “Miserable? Check Yourself.

  1. Beautiful, and so true! Don’t take your life for granted, be thankful for all of your blessings. When you take a look at those giant problems you think you have, try and take a look at the BIG picture – is it really that bad?

  2. Death is a beautiful yet terrifying thing. I have only seen my very dear friend experience the dying process. Losing him was a painful experience in my life. You are right in that people do not appreciate the wonderful things they have in their lives and to be honest with you sometimes I am one of them. It is tough to stay positive in the world we live in today. The acknowledgment of knowing you are a corporate slave is tough for some people, but I digress. You are a good person for being there for your loved ones. I wish you the best

  3. I sit here at my kitchen table with Victoria on my lap…crying! She’s catching my tears looking sadly up at me!! Thank you! Cause as you know in the last couple of days I have been a huge complainer!!! No more!!! Thank you thank you thank you! For reminding me that life is too short and time flies!

  4. Agree my friend, however I too wear black cause I say “Im mourning my job” and its slimming too…teehee…yes, I am fortunate enough to have one..@$15 per hr, barely getting by, no I don’t have the health I use too (thanks to smoking, its the only crutch I have) I have 2 kids who drive me around the bend and cause me issues – and to be a realist you cannot be happy everyday, but you can aim for it. I hate when Im unhappy, cause I don’t like me…I move forward all the time trying to find my way out of being miserable. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. Most people really don’t see me miserable, cause I love to joke around…it makes me forget I have issues…but, the one thing I remember most is that there is a friend I never see (but would love too) who by watching her (and she being younger) teaches this old dog some new tricks..and I can’t help smiling when I see her comments on FB…Love you Lil xoxoxoxox

  5. Wonderful Words of Life…. the proclivity we often face is being appreciative of life! The vicissitudes of lives ever changing allows us to ponder within ourselves. I was fortunate to see one of my best friend leave this earth. He was such a gifted musician. He died of AIDS, I remember one of the last things he said to me. “Always Love, even when you feel hate LOVE, because life is too short to hate.” I eulogies him, this is very powerful…

  6. Fuck’n crying like a faucet over here. One – because I share one of those losses with you so deeply and miss her madly. Two – because sometimes I’m that fuck’n loser complaining – you’re absolutely right Veronica a Thank-you is definitely in order and no more for me either!!

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