In This Cranium Of Mine.

I had so much to write about this weekend.  But, as it always seems to happen when one doesn’t write down their thoughts right away, all has escaped me this morning.

I do know however, that human nature gets the best of us and we’re nosey as fuck intrigued by other people’s lives so I’m going to speak my mind like my favourite Internet Doctor over at does.  Oh and, he’s hot too.  But that’s not the reason I follow his blog.  I swear.

Someone told me over the weekend that they thought one of my posts was about them.  It wasn’t.  My posts are never about anything in particular.  Maybe now would be a good time to tell you how really old I actually am.  I have 27 sisters and female cousins.  They’re all younger than I am.  This equates to MANY texts/calls/emails re: relationships/men/breakups/makeups/sex.  So I write.  From their point of view.  So you over there thinking something is about you?  You’re wrong.  It probably ain’t.

Want to know what I’m really thinking about? 

  • That boy I speak with from work on a regular, the one I haven’t even met.  He called me Saturday morning while I was still in bed (yes, we exchanged phone numbers) and it was one damn sexy phone call.  I like his voice so much, I’m planning another trip in my head for a meeting.  “Another trip?” you ask?  Yes.  Eventually I’ll grow my cajones slightly bigger than what they already are in order to write and post publicly about said trip.  But yes, that boy’s voice makes me smile out loud.
  • That other guy I “chat” with.  I hate chat.  I rarely ever go online.  It just seems so….child-like perhaps?  I don’t know, I was “chatting” on AOL back when I was 15.  I figure in an era filled with free texting apps, there’s no reason I need to log-in and make myself “offline” to everyone else in order to “chat” with that ONE cutie on my gchat.  Whatever.  Maybe if I’m not so busy later on, I’ll sneak on quickly and share another photo say hello.
  • Hot yoga.  I can’t wait until 6:30.
  • I wonder if Mr. Insecure is making plans to see me this week.  He’s going to hate that I called him this.  (Sidenote:  Yes, I’m talking about someone specifically here).
  • “Michael” called to see “Savannah” yesterday.  I said she wasn’t available.  I need to look into this matter further. 

I feel good.  I’ve got my red lips on today.  And red lips ALWAYS entail a good time.  I love me more today than I did yesterday.  You should too.

Peace and love y’all.

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