Thoughts On Love….

I’m a big fan of Valentine’s Day. Huge. Blame my dear old man for that. He was bringing me the cheesiest, most atrocious, biggest Valentine’s chocolate hearts at 3 years old. The bigger and gaudier they were, the better. And I loved it all. Of course mom would get the biggest hearts of all and I fantasized about my future husband coming home with a big, red heart for me one day.

I was hand-making my own Valentine’s cards the second mom allowed me to use the “big people” scissors. And I have my own supply of cut-out heart stickers and stamps and all the flowery, girly paper you could ever imagine. And yes, even the pink paper with the cupids all over them.

However, not once in my life, not ne’er a Valentine’s that I can remember, have I had a man romance me on February 14th. My controlling loving, romantic nature didn’t allow for it. Now, now. I’m not sad about it. It was my choice. I wanted to be the unforgettable Valentine that he would remember forever. I wanted to be THAT chick. And on more than one occasion, I was. *beams proudly*

I planned the dates. I bought tickets to the plays. I sent roses to his house. Yes, that’s right ladies. It’s really not that difficult. Valentine’s is not dedicated to women only. And without having to get into the religious aspect of it all and who Saint Valentine was and what he did, I will simply state: It’s dedicated to love.

I can hear you all now. Yes, I hear you loud and clear. Love should not have to be celebrated one day of the year. It’s not. You’re missing the point here. It’s DEDICATED. Same way December 25th is dedicated to Jesus but do you not go to church throughout the year? Right. Don’t get me started…..

So, in honour of love and all things lovely and sexy and whatnot, I would like to share with you some of the more romantic things I have done for my lover(s) in the past……and maybe more WOMEN will follow suit and do something fantastic for their lovers. As I shared with Twitter the other day, please don’t be so demanding. If there’s something special you want, just do it yourself. It’s less of a disappointment this way. Just do it.

  1. Cook his favourite meal. Dessert included. There was one Valentine’s Day where my husband worked late. Imagine his surprise when he arrived home to our tiny little one-bedroom apartment, all aglow in candlelight, to fill his tummy with all the goodness I had to offer. Pun intended.

    Bet he'd like you in this.....
  2. Send him a care package to work. One year, I filled up a heart-shaped box with his favorite candy (which included Maynard’s brand Fuzzy Peach, Swedish Berries, Sour Cherry Blasters) along with a little love note detailing exactly what was going to happen that evening.
  3. Cookies. What man doesn’t love cookies? Bake ’em yourself for a personal touch and see how quickly he’ll be asking for your cookies.
  4. Run him a bubble bath. I realize how feminine this might sound to some manly men, but what if you’re in the tub with him???
  5. Three words. FULL. BODY. MASSAGE. And of COURSE there’s a happy ending!!!!
  6. Buy tickets to his favourite sport. Present them to him on Valentine’s Day but make sure the date is later on in the season so he can go with a male friend. Your clingy ass doesn’t have to go with him everywhere.

I bet you’re wondering what all of this will get you in the end. A happy, satisfied, LOVED man will show you love and affection, trust and communication and appreciation. Let’s face it, isn’t that what we, as women, have been complaining about most of our lives? There we go.

Sadly, this Valentine’s, I’ll be working late shift. But you can bet your sweet ass my love of choice will get some personally baked cookies this weekend. AND I’m throwing in macadamian nuts baby.

My friend Savannah put it best when she said, “I’ll give you my love any time of year.”

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers.

Edited February 13, 2013. I have a big Valentine’s date this year which I have planned! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Thoughts On Love….

  1. i must say i do agree with you
    ive done the candles and made a home made pizza with peppers spelling out i love you
    it is true men do deserve a valentines as much as any women does.
    thanks for this ll
    i decided to be the romantic this year
    ;)and man did i put a smile on his face!

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