Faker, Poser, Liar.


 – noun

1.  anything made to appear otherwise than it actually is; counterfeit: This diamond necklace is a fake.

2.  a person who fakes; faker: The doctor with the reputed cure for cancer proved to be a fake.

Y’all know how much I despise miserable people.  You can read that post somewhere on this site.  I haven’t figured out how to direct you to a post within a post.  You also know how much I dislike dumb people.  Oh wait, I haven’t posted that one yet.  But it’s forthcoming.  I promise.  And lastly, and probably more than any of the three, I’ve expressed my animosity towards fake people.

Naw, I’m not talking about plastic.  Not physical fakeness as in fake boobs and nails and hair and ass.  If I could, I’d get me a size D myself.  I’m talking about pretentiousness. 

I came across a Facebook status earlier today that stated something about how much this man loved his wife and how perfect she was and how in love with her this man was.

I’m rolling my eyes out loud here.

I don’t hate.  Never ever ever.  My nickname is “Love” for fucks’ sakes.  But this is the fourth post IN A ROW that this man posted some shit like this.  Really?  Really?  She’s so damn great that you have to post it publicly for all your “friends” to see???  Who are you trying to convince here?

You and I both know exactly how buddy is living.  He’s miserable.  Inside he’s a lonely fuck.  The same way that friend of yours posts that she has the best kids in the world.  They’re a bunch of illiterate, insecure, disrespectful jerks ’cause she’s too busy playing CityVille and creeping photos that she can’t be bothered with her own spawn.  The same way that other person keeps posting inspirational quotes about karma and yin and yang and all that other bullshit when they haven’t visited or talked to their poor, old mother in months.  How’s that for karma? 

It irks me beyond belief and only because I KNOW THE TRUTH.

This man has complained to me about his wife.  That mother with the kids, I know about her kids.  That woman with the inspiration, I know about her.  They’re my “friends”, are they not?!?  Of course I know about them!!!

Ok, so I should overlook this and dig deep as to why it bothers me.  Well, let’s see….THEY’RE LYING.  I could hear you now, “Like Mizz LL doesn’t lie?!”  Of course I lie!!!  Who doesn’t lie?!?  But I don’t pretend or try to act out my lies.  I lie for my protection.  Or yours.  I lie because I know you won’t be able to handle the truth.  It’s as simple as that.

I understand all about “Speak it unto the world and it will come true” and these people are trying to be positive and great and cast good vibes.  I’M ALL ABOUT THE GOOD VIBES.  But to post it on a social network over and over again as if you’re trying to believe it yourself?  It only leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth.  People will start wondering about you and what you’re saying and because it’s human nature to do so, people will inquire.  And when people get to nosey’ing around like that, everyone loses in the end.  You’re only going to bad mouth the nosiness and probably end up posting some other shit about “Nosey people need to stay out of my life”.

Hey sweetheart, NEWSFLASH…..had you not posted your private business up like that, then maybe people wouldn’t be so interested in your life.  You are what you post.  End of story.

I’m not perfect.  Dammit, I’m the first one to admit this.  But I don’t give a big, fat, rat’s ass about people meddling in my business because frankly, I’ll tell you straight up about my business.  I blog!!!!!  I can’t get any more personal than blogging!!!  I post every single picture I ever take with my iPhone on my Facebook!  Ok, maybe not ALL the photos, but you get my point.  You will always know whether I’m happy, miserable, upset, foolish or in love.  ‘Cause that’s just me.  I’m straight the fuck up and anyone that knows the real me, knows this as truth.  See what I did there?  “Foolish” and “in love” were side by side.  Read into this one bitch. 

Miss me with your fakeness.  Real people see past your phoniness.  And real people can tell when you’re looking for attention.  Grow the fuck up.

And that’s my rant for today. 

Please feel free to comment, remark, feedback et al.  And you can do so anonymously if you’re afraid that I’ll beat your ass down.  I’d love some enlightenment.  Tell me I’m wrong.  And I’ll fight you ’til you admit I’m right.  I’m open.  I’m always open.  You can read me like a damn book.  Or like a Facebook post.

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