I have no idea how this is going to begin and how it’s going to end, all I know is it’s going to be truthful and passionate (as is everything in my life) and I’m just talking about what I know.

Smackdown. No. Not WWE Raw vs. Smackdown. Just smackdown. It’s my code word. Well maybe not so much now that I’ve gone public with it……

I’ll tell you how it came about. I was trying to explain to one of my many sisters how I had plans to get some loving that night but there were too many ears around (read: parents) so I casually said, “Yeah so have you heard of that smackdown place? That’s what’s going down in an hour”. SMACK. DOWN. As in, get in, push in, SMACK THAT SHIT DOWN, pull out (or not), get out, go home, sleep. In that order.

I’m talking about booty calls (as per someone’s request).

Let me pause here for a second to break down MY definition of what’s what:

A booty call usually involves someone you barely know (or met online or through a friend) who agrees to give you the good good whenever you choose.

A friend with benefits is someone you’ve known for a while and have probably been attracted to and down the line somewhere in your friendship you decided they were going to get it.

A fuck friend is similar to a booty call in that it started as a booty call but then someone caught feelings and decided to ask for booty more regularly you became friends. Oh. That’s possible? You bet your fine booty it’s possible!!!


As in everything in life, there are rules to the game.

Rule # 1. No one is allowed to catch feelings. I mean it. If it’s a true booty call you’re not allowed to have any warm feelings for that person whatsoever. No caring. No sharing. No wondering how they’ll be getting home after you rode that shit out of style. No showering together, no laying together, no cooing, no pet names. Except for maybe “Daddy” or “Mami”. That’s it. Yeah, so that was 8 rules but this is my blog and I’ll do whatever I want.

Rule # 9. You almost always make yourself readily available for said booty call. No ifs, ands or buts. It’s all about reciprocation here right? ‘Cause you and I both know that feeling when your lover of choice isn’t available RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Be nice. And be available.

Rule # 10. Be prepared for “We can’t do this anymore”. Maybe in our little fantasy world where the damn pipe fits perfectly into the moistness and you believe you’re meant to be this way forever and ever until eternity, but when you shake that dream from your head, reality should set in with, “It really is just sex”.

Ok enough with these rules because as I’m typing keys at a vicious lightening speed because I love booty calls I have so much to write about here, I’m thinking about other scenarios. And here, the soft, emotional Mizz LL takes over.

This goes against the first and most important rule ever in all history of booty calls and I’m being hypocritical in saying this but……

Booty calls can turn into somewhat real relationships. Fuck friends can become soulmates. Friends with benefits can become the father/mother of your children.

I’m leaving this open right here. I want your thoughts, comments, backlash, anything you have to say about it ’cause I know you’re dying to add your 2 cents. Let’s talk about sex, shall we?

Gotta run……it’s Friday night and my booty call is waiting…….

Never mind the cheesy video…..just listen to the lyrics.

7 thoughts on “Smackdown.

  1. I really don’t know where my situations fit into those 3, but of course sex is sex which ever way you put it! Emotions are no joke and whether you want to admit it or not…they always get involved in the mixture! As much as you try to deny it, you are emotionally involved!! The only person you are lying to is yourself.

    I would like to make mention of a “Mr. Washington” the only case I know that my feelings were not involved, one night, done deal, thank you!

    Many late night rendezvous, which kept me sitting at the edge of the car seat, or motel bed, in anticipation of the arrival of Mr. Booty Call, or Fuck Friend, or Friend with benefits!!!! Anticipation…emotion! Does that make me a stupid person who doesnt know how to keep it “raw”? No! That makes me human like every other person in this world unless of course it’s a One Night Stand.

  2. i agree with everything “just me” said! It was supposed to be just a booty call . . . At first anyways! Don’t judge me . . . He was my booty call affair! I was in a serious relationship when i met Mr.Trouble at Duffrin n Dupont I was pounding GHOST frm my car n caught his attention! He was tall well dressed head to toe, perfect black skin, eyebrow n nosed pierced. I have never been so shy and lost for words to the point where i didn’t even know my own number! Life went on and had a few calls and texts however i just left it at that, never had courage. Until one day (out of pure rage and being emotionally hurt) i called him we met at the “smackdown” where the walls where frightened! After the fact, there was no cuddling no relaxing nothing i got dressed and rushed out drove home went to sleep like an angel 🙂 this happened several times then we went public and had dinner then random phone calls and texts not pertaining to anything bootycall-ish…Fast tracking . . . Four years later and i still love him dearly! We still talk and see each other on a regular we have laughed travelled and cried yes cried together! We hate each other at times and yet we have never felt more complete with anybody else! As i sit here and reminis while on the phone reading this to him, i’m thinking about how great it feels to share this! Overall, i have had a booty call that was really a booty call that all the rules applied but sometimes you got to just ‘throw them out the window’. Thanks LOVE i love this topic!

    1. I love that you shared this. Truly beautiful story. Thank you.

      This post isn’t done yet. I could talk about it forever…..

      ….especially since I fell hard for my booty call lover.

      *sheds tear*

  3. Oh Miss Love Lips you’re making me recall my first true booty call. It was sometime ago but I remember it as if it was just the other day. One sunday afternoon when I was shopping with my girls at GUESS, I met an attractive carmel chocolate man who I happen to exchange numbers with. We met up for coffee 2 days later and we talked about our current relationships. It was then and there we discussed what type of “relation” we would have with each other. A few days after we hooked up at a near by motel where the “smackdown” took place and i must say it was a thrilling experience. It continued like that for a bit until he invited me to his parents home. He would sneak me in and bring me to his room where we would eye fuck each other until his brother would leave for work. Once we would hear the door close….. it was game on! As we all know, not all things last forever. He eventually had to leave the country to do some traveling. So the night before he left I showed up at his door step. I texted him to sneak me in and he did. We got to chatting about things and before long we were kissing passionately and tearing each others clothes off. It nothing like id ever experienced with him before, everything was just so passionate. Afterwards when we were done there was no talking, no spooning, no touching. I was so overwhelmed that I put on my clothes and left. On my drive home I was debating whether to call or leave it be. I didn’t want to show any emotion so I left be. The next day I woke up and there was a text message from Mr. Caramel Chocolate saying thanks for an amazing Goodbye and that he will be anticipating an exciting return. I replied with a wink and I never herd from him since.

    1. I love sex as goodbyes!!!

      Thank you for sharing. I wish I could remember what Mr. Caramel Chocolate looked like. That whole scene at Guess was something hot, THAT I remember 😉

  4. Booty calls, fuck friends, where to begin??
    3 years ago a sexy Chilean man caught my eye in one of “those” places…you know..the party after the party? We talked, we danced, we exchanged numbers, we kissed…before I knew it the night was over, but what WE shared, had just started. My next encounter with him was innocent, but the one after- not so much. I pulled the old “I’m not gonna shave my legs cuz he ain’t gettin’ it THAT easy!” but as soon as I walked through his door..he got me that easy.
    3 years later and it’s STILL the best sex of my life (so far..) but there’s been some heartache, some jealousy, and PLENTY of emotions running fluid between us.

    When push comes to shove, I’m probably the kinda girl who will always have feelings for whoever she bones, but there have been a couple here n there that have been easy, great fucks. Do what makes ya happy, and always keep ya feelings in check 😉

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