Shore Love.

I approached the shore gingerly, trying ever so hard to enjoy the sand in between my toes. It wasn’t as bad as I’d previously experienced. It was warm. And extra soft, almost sensual. I opened my mind….

I remembered my mother telling me whenever we went on family vacations as a child, “The ocean is alive. If you taunt it, it will react”.

So I sat down on the edge of the shore, far enough away where the waves couldn’t reach me. I wanted to rediscover the sand.

I laid back on my forearms, tracing my fingertips in the sand, enjoying the warmth in between my fingers. I cupped a handful, enjoying the weight in my hands. Mmmmm, this was nice.

I sat up and stretched my legs out in front of me. I smiled out into the ocean and thought of my mother’s words. I wanted to test her theory, tease the ocean into madness….

“You can’t even touch me”, I whispered softly out onto the waves. “You can’t even reach my toes”. Nothing happened and I was slightly disappointed, glad no one could hear me talking to myself.

I laid back again, closed my eyes and let the sun warm my skin, ready to allow my light caramel skin to deepen to a hot chocolate colour.

The coolness of the water on my feet startled me at first, making me peek out at the ocean through one open eye. “Ahh. You want this, do you?” I whispered, feeling almost foolish at playing this game. I was convinced the ocean was of the male persuasion….

He came at me again, slightly harder and more forceful now, reaching mid-calf. After his touch, I saw what remained. He’d left his white sand all over me. Ah yes. The ocean was definitely a male.

I closed my eyes again and let the ocean make love to my legs, wanting more…

No sooner than the thought was complete in my head did it crash over me, extending onto my breasts, crashing over my stomach. I gasped for air, surprised at the force of the waves. I reached back, clenching my fists into the sand, trying to secure my ground. He was impossible, taking full control over my body….

He lifted my bottom off the beach and turned me over. He was no longer loving me. He was fully raping my body now, crashing with every last bit of strength over my thighs, my back, my face. I was helpless now, panic rising through my veins, but the enjoyment of the ocean’s movements still exceeding my fear.

“Give it”, I whispered. “Give me all you got”. Wave after wave, the next one more forceful than the previous, crashing harder and harder on my soft body. He continued rolling me around until finally, as if he’d had enough, he rolled quietly over me, lingering over my feet gently again.

Breathlessly, I climbed up onto the dry sand and looked down. Not one inch of my body was left unscathed, millions of grains of sand in every crevice imaginable.

The ocean’s remnants were all over my body and I loved it.

I licked my lips, tasting the saltiness. I knew I’d be back again tomorrow….

2 thoughts on “Shore Love.

  1. Everytime i read something of yours im right there with you.
    i dont know how i got excited about waves crashing all over me but … i did.
    thanks for sharing

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