What You Need

I don’t often talk about music because I don’t think I’m very educated yes, there’s such a thing as Musical Education when it comes to music.  I like what I like and that’s about it.  And I was going to just make this a Facebook status but I decided instead to write about it.

It’s been a minute and a half since I’ve been “touched” by an artist musically.  So you know I’m in awe since I’m dedicating a whole post to this guy here.  Toronto’s (even more reason to support him – he’s local talent!) very own Abel Tesfaye from The Weeknd.  House of Balloons has been on repeat since I downloaded it last night.  I’ve been sleeping on this mixtape I tell ya.  But I’m glad I finally found the time to load it onto my phone.  This song right here – “What You Need”:

I just wanna take you there
He don’t gotta know it
Does he touch you here like this
Lemme take the friction from your lips

And I’ma love you girl
The way you need
Ain’t no one will stop us
Ain’t no one will stop us
And I’ma give you girl
Oh what you fiend
I’m the drug in your veins
Just fight through the pain

*le grandeur dramatic sigh*

His voice?  Wow.  I’m taken back to my old school R&B days.  He’s smooth and honey-dripping loveliness.  I imagine bodies intertwined in satin sheets and red wine and strawberries and….you get me.  Ok, enough chat from me.  This is all I wanted to share today.

Oh and I have Twitter to thank of course for putting me onto this (shoutout to the Twitter haters who think it’s a waste of time, go screw yourself, thankyouverymuch). 

Now go on and download the album.  You’re welcome.

House Of Balloons Mixtape

Peace and love…..xo (see what I did there?)