Dear 2011…..

For those of you who know me in real life and know how loud and annoying I can be when I’m talking about something I’m feeling extra strongly about, picture that voice now.

Dear 2011;

You sucked some big, ugly ass.  Seriously.  I’m trying to go through all the months in order really slowly in my head and the only thing I can think of was the birth of my nephew.  Besides that very awesome, precious gift, there really wasn’t much else.

I do, however, recall a ton of disappointments; general sadness and annoyance.  Not only with me but with everyone around me.  Almost every person I talked to or was remotely acquainted with was always just, “Meh”.  No one was as great as they had anticipated to be.  No one was doing wonderful things.  No one was making money, building meaningful relationships, starting business ventures.  People were always just….”here”.  And if there was that ONE person whose life was more amazing than the next person, no one noticed because all the negativity overshadowed that one person’s awesomeness.

There were sicknesses and deaths of loved ones that I can’t even bring myself to write because it’s still heavy on my heart.  It was just…yuck.  I want to kick 2011 in the ass.

But alas, it’s New Year’s Eve.  And with a new year comes a new chapter, new beginnings, new aspirations and promises.

A new year is about getting another chance.  It’s about giving another chance.  It’s about doing more, giving more and it’s about loving more.

Do.  Give.  Love.  How easy is that right?

My promise for 2012?  I will shine positivity and luck and as much karma as I possibly can even when I’m being accused of being “fake” to anyone who comes in contact with me.  I will dissuade negativity as much as I can.  I will build on the positive relationships already budding in my life and get rid of the people that bring me down and make me physically ill.

I’m not ungrateful.  The man upstairs knows how thankful and appreciative I am for letting me see another year.  He knows my heart and I know the blessings He has bestowed upon me and my loved ones.

But here’s to a brand new year.  Thank you, yet again Lord, for getting us through this.

For 2012, I wish you all much peace, happiness, blessings, success and most of all, LOVE.

Happy New Year friends.  I love you.


One thought on “Dear 2011…..

  1. Beautifully said Lil’. 2012 will bring much happiness to my life as I await the birth of my child. God has plans for me in 2012 and I am grateful that I will be able to appreciate this year and forget all the heartache and sadness we have all felt and appreciate what’s to come this year.

    Happy New Year all.

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