Hug Your Children.

Lost innocence...
Lost innocence...

I just received a call from my youngest son’s school principal.

Apparently, a 13-year old girl took a nude photo of herself and forwarded it to her crush who forwarded it to a friend who forwarded it to a friend who forwarded it to my son.  The principal wanted to let me know that police had been brought in to investigate if any laws were being broken but because all of the students involved were under-age, they’re safe.  He wanted to stress to me the fact that my son was in no way involved in sending or forwarding the photo but that I should speak to my son about the danger in doing so if he ever becomes privy to that kind of bullshit information again and it falling into the wrong hands (i.e. pedophile perhaps?)

Isn’t it bullshit?


Okay, okay, I realize this happens on a regular and 13-year old girls are having sex and getting pregnant but this time was different.  It hit home.  My child was involved.

There’s so many thoughts and emotions going through my mind right now.  I’m heartbroken; heartbroken for so many people.  What’s going through their head?.  The little yes, little.  She’s only 13 for crying out loud! girl who sent the photo to her crush; what was she thinking?  What do 13-year old girls call their breasts anyhow?  Her mother.  That mother!  Is it ignorant of me to guess that that mother feels like a failure?  Was she around?  Where’s the father at?  How do you tell that father that his baby girl is sending infamous bathroom self-pics of her bare skin?!?  The teacher whose ears this information fell on.  The principal who had to make the call and break the news:  “So and so sent a photo of her breasts via text message”.  How do you handle that?

And most importantly to me – MY SON.  “No, sweetheart, just because she sent that does not make her a hoe/slut/trick”.  Because his mother has demonstrated as much self-respect as humanly possible in order to raise respectful, young men.  Men like their uncles, their father, their grandfather and their great-grandfather.  Because THIS mother gives a shit.  Because THIS mother gets involved.  Because THIS mother still believes in innocence and naivety.  Kinda ironic coming from a woman who writes erotica and posts pics of couples in outrageous sexual positions right?  Yes.  But here’s the difference:  I’m an adult woman.

I have nothing more to say.  I’m a mess right now and all I want to do is hug my children.  Maybe all parents should make it a habit of hugging their children on a regular.

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