Forehead Kisses.


“The real lover is the man who can thrill you by kissing your forehead.” – Marilyn Monroe



Because my random ass is random, we’re going to discuss “forehead kisses” for a minute.  Well, I’ll discuss.  You’ll read.  This is, after all, MY blog.

So girlfriend of mine, mid-storytelling, says, “And I don’t know if this means anything to you but he kissed my forehead during…”  I think I’m slick so I interrupt with, “Wait, what?  What DO forehead kisses mean to you?”  And she kinda got all cute and was all…well whatever it was she said isn’t important right now ’cause I ain’t about to bail my girl out like that but I had the sudden idea to write about it and she agreed and said, “Ya, write about it!”

And because I’m a nosy fuck with nothing better to do but get other people’s thoughts/opinions and make fake “text surveys”, I randomly chose fans some females I knew would reply in a heartbeat.  Shout out to Mags, Hope, Jessi P. AND Jess O. for those day-after replies.  Sheesh.

ANYHOOT….some honourable mentions:

Beautiful, so personal.  – Amanda

Endearing, but can also feel dismissive. – Anon

Tender, genuine, deep-hearted. – Tiff

Forehead kisses show true intimacy and respect. – MLE Dias

Cute when not expected.  But stare me in the eye and plant a kiss on my forehead?  Nah man, take that weak-ass kiss back!  I want some tongue! – Mary

Sweet and sexy. – Jenny

An unspoken promise of eternal love and protection.  – Mama Kath Dias

Like a security blanket; heart-warming and comforting. – Amanda Miller

Forehead kisses are a treasure.  – Karly

Forehead kisses make me feel safe; I’m overcome with a warm feeling, like no matter what happens…I know this person will stand by me.  – Rana

I feel deeply loved.  At that moment, nothing else matters.  – Win Yem

Forehead kisses are pure and come from deep within the heart.  I know he truly cares. – Jenn C.

Genuine.  Sincere.  Romantic.  –  Fofinha

The start to something that will make your whole body come alive. – FM

Meaningful.  Intimate.  Passionate.  –  Bee

A connection.  An intimate moment for two.  – Jonell George, Author of the new “Libido.”

Forehead kisses are a sign of true intimacy and vulnerability; a safe haven for lovers that are overcome with emotion and desire.  – Nix

Nothing says ‘love’ like a soft, passionate LIP kiss.  Forehead kisses remind me of my dad.  – Sarah

Not just anyone kisses your forehead.  They’re def special.  – Jessi P.

When I get a forehead kiss, it makes me feel like I was covered in a sheet of love from head to toe.  It’s pure love.  It could be from a final goodbye or when someone is sick; it’s the kiss of protection and love.  – Gina

Forehead kisses means he needs to aim better.  (I laughed hysterically!)  It also means protection and nurture and respect.  – Susanna

It’s intimate.  Gives me butterflies.  Means more than a kiss on the lips.  – Hope

My favourite:  Forehead kisses are silent ‘I love you’s.’  – Mags

Another favourite:  I think of ‘The Best Man.’  How dangerous it was despite its innocence.  – Amy Juicebox

Cute, right??  But after all those replies, I got to thinking…we don’t really care what the women think about forehead kisses.  We clearly agree, for the most part, that forehead kisses are just….love.  I asked the wrong sex.  We wanna know what the guys are thinking.  So I hit up my guaranteed responders (hi) and below is the compilation of what I am able to share:

Sexy.  – Mista Vybe

Forehead kisses are incredibly intimate. – Johnathan Tillman

Forehead kisses are silent promises of love, intimacy and security. – Mark Tearless

The prelude to an evening of neither lovemaking nor fucking, but a connection that produces the sweetest emotions.  – Anon

Forehead kisses are dope. – Martin Spaycee

Caring. – Long John

My weakness.  It lets you know that person not only cares, but wants you.  It’s an invite saying if you want it, you can get it.  It’s also my favourite way of saying ‘I’m into you’ or ‘I love you.’  – Rorey Rose

Sacred.  – Dre

Reminds me of ‘The Godfather.’  – GM

Forehead kisses:  loving and cute. – Anon

Soft, sensual, caring. – Marl the World Boss

Forehead kisses are required.  She needs to remember how good the d was.  Send her home with a kiss on her forehead.  –  Anon

To show her I’m at peace with her. – Bigg Nez from Cali.

Forehead kisses are love.  –  Danny Blue

My favourite: I adore you. *forehead kisses* – Biggie Hitchcock, Flash God, People’s G. Riot aka Lawrence Peoples aka Michael. (No. Not that Michael.)

My favourite favourite:  Forehead kisses are the kisses you give someone whose mind, body and soul you admire. – MAC


There’s nothing more to say.  We can discuss how dangerous they can be when we’re trying not to catch feelings.  We can discuss how frustratingly fucking fuck fucked it is when he kisses your forehead instead of giving you the d because….well, that’s a whole ‘nother post for another time.  We can discuss how tender or sad or loving they are.  But majority of folks agree, they’re kinda awesome.  They’re a story in one tiny gesture.  When I leave him and I kiss his forehead, I’m saying I wish I could wrap him up in a tiny bundle to carry with me in my pocket all day long so I can keep him safe and happy and smiling and peaceful and protected and loved.  Just like Spaycee said, forehead kisses are dope.  And that’s that.

Now, what other “text-surveys” could I send out?


4 thoughts on “Forehead Kisses.

  1. LOVE! Been waiting for this since I got your text message! It’s beautiful Lil, love your writing style! *Forehead kisses* xx!

  2. I am always a day late to reply. I hate forehead kisses. It makes me feel like a child being kissed by a parent for doing a good job. Kiss me properly. In bed i want to be kissed passionately, in public kiss me on the lips. Forehead makes me feel like a friend or that maybe my breathe smells.

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