Spaycee’s Secret.

“I find myself enticed by other birds wearing tight shit with nice tits and nice lips and nice hips who like dick imbibe jizz and ride stick, they come clutch then I dip then I’m pissed then I grip a bottle of white bits, I swallow them quick then it’s myself and my bic.” – ‘Rotten Conscience’, Martin Spaycee

I’ve been promising this kid an “interview” for almost two years now but I’m kinda glad we didn’t do this back then.  It seems quite appropriate that Spaycee, as he likes to be referred to as, turned 19 today.  And because I hear his music around here so often – he’s friends with my two sons which I’m so thrilled about because he is a stand-up, very respectful young man – I thought today would be a perfect time to have this “interview.”  So, in honour of his big 1-9, I thought we’d finally get to it.  Here goes:

Mizz – How old were you when you knew you wanted to write songs and rap?

Spaycee – I developed an interest for rap at the age of 4.  Eminem was huge at that time and I really idolized him.  I used to freestyle and try to imitate him but I didn’t exactly start writing until I was 13.  I played the guitar so I wanted to learn how to sing but all the songs I wrote ended up sounding like raps, so I rapped while playing the guitar and eventually I began to study the art of hip-hop and started recording over famous instrumentals until I found a couple of producers that were wiling to invest in me.

Mizz – Whoa!  You’re going way ahead of me!  So how many songs have you written so far?

Spaycee – Fuck, my bad.  Should I give you shorter answers?

Mizz – Nope.  Be you.

Spaycee – I don’t know exactly how many songs I’ve written but it’s definitely over a hundred.  I’ve released around fifty songs though.  I have enough written and recorded material to last me the next couple of years.

Mizz – Do you have a tracking method?  I know I’m anal with my shit and I’d want to make sure my stamp is all over that for fear of losing it.

Spaycee – I make sure I have a music video for the songs I’m most proud of, that way people have a visual of what I look like and no one can get away with stealing my work.

Mizz – Which song is your favourite?

Spaycee – I’m most proud of what I did on my last song, “Still.”  But as far as originals go, my favourite would probably be “Castles In The Air.”  And as far as unreleased tracks go, I have a song called “Screech”, which I’ll be releasing later this year.

Mizz – Can I get a snippet?  (Click here to listen to “Screech.”)  So how old are you today?

Spaycee – I just turned 19.

Mizz – Wowwwwww and you already have a producer? 

Spaycee – Yeah, he’s the founder of the hip-hop group I’m part of, North Creed.  We met 2 years ago because he was organizing a cypher for Mississauga (my current city) rappers and he wanted me to be a part of it.  He contacted me.

Mizz – Tell me a secret.

Spaycee – I got head from my dentist’s daughter once.

Mizz – Gotdamn.  While waiting to see her father or….?  I’m posting this.

Spaycee – *laughs*  It’s a true story!  Post it.  I’m cool with you posting it.

Mizz – Oh I will.  What are you doing at 25-years old?

Spaycee – I see myself appealing to a mass audience and having a supportive, loyal fanbase.

Mizz – Which celebrity inspires you right NOW?

Spaycee – I really look up to artists like Nas, the whole Wu-Tang Clan, Lorde, J. Cole, Mac Miller and Lana Del Rey.

Mizz – That’s an eclectic mix.  If you could meet ONE rapper, who would it be?

Spaycee – Eminem for sure.  I probably wouldn’t be rapping if it weren’t for him.

Mizz – Nice.  I love Em.  He’d get it every day.  If you could give your 10-year old self some advice, what would it be?

Spaycee – I’d tell him to question everything he hears.

Mizz – Is this your first interview?

Spaycee – Yeah.  I’m kinda shit at this.

Mizz – Are you kidding me?  You’re awesome.  I’m so thrilled to be doing this.  I swear, if you forget me when you make it big…

Spaycee – I can never forget you.  You’re the coolest mom I’ve ever met; one of the coolest people I’ve ever met in general.

Mizz – *speechless for a second, then…*  Last question.  This one’s for the groupies because I see you on these interwebs doing your music thing and all the girlies throwing their cyber-panties at you….do you have a girlfriend?

Spaycee – *laughs*  Nah.  I don’t.

Mizz – I’ll leave all the deep and meaningful questions for next time.

Spaycee – Dope.

Follow Martin Spaycee on Twitter here and Instagram here and subscribe to his YouTube and download his album here.

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