#ThrowbackThursday – “You Should Be My Girl” – Sammie feat. Sean Paul of Youngbloodz

So last week on my way in to work, tired of listening to my satellite radio and “We Dem Boys” by Wiz and his crew – what a lie; that song reminds me of my teenage boys and I could listen to it all day long – I reached into my huge CD case and pulled out a random mix CD. Well, to my pleasant surprise, it was a throwback CD (and coincidentally enough, a Thursday) and my mind started turning its wheels and I’m all, “OMG I need to write about this!!!” I decided right then and there that I would attempt to write a #throwbackthursday post EVERY THURSDAY about music from my past that I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy and that makes me feel all gooey inside. Oh, and also, I need shit to write about to get me back into this habit so this is some creative practicing.

The song that I heard last week that got me all smiley and happy was “You Should Be My Girl” by Sammie. Who? Yeah I know. I think he was a one-hit wonder. And if he had other hits, my apologies for being ignorant and only loving that one song and keeping it on repeat for weeks. I also need to mention however, that Sean Paul of Youngbloodz features in this song and his voice just makes me swoon.

Supposedly the song came out in 2006 but all I remember when I hear this song is the time I was talking to this guy who was heavily into reggae (that’s all he listened to) but every time I put this song on in the whip, he’d get all cute thuggish – I’m the WORST with oxymorons – and he’d sing, “You should be my girl” to me. Cheesy, I know. We’d drive around all over eastside, bumping this song loudly and enjoying life. That’s my memory of this song. And I still play it as loud and as often as I did back then in my little Honda. And I still think about that reggae boy. Watch the video here.

“You Should Be My Girl”
(feat. Sean Paul of the Youngbloodz)

[Jazze Pha]
Ladies and gentlemen

[Big Boi]
You and me girl we could do the thang
You and me girl we could do the thang
You and me girl we could do the thang
We could do the thang
We could do the thang

I know she like me I kinda dig it
So I did my thang for her she joining wit me
Now we getting groovy hotter than jacuzzi
So shorty won’t you slow it down
I see them otha fellas and I ain’t hating
They try to do it like me it ain’t the same
Front to back shorty side to side and lean wit it
(you wit a solja now)

Cause you so fly girl
You should come to my crib
But he gone flip
If he knew you were here
I know I’m tripping but

You should be my girl girl girl girl
(you should be my) you should be my girl girl girl girl
(you should be my) you should be my girl

Its all ova town and we we get into it
If thats the business
We should keep on doing it
Oooh you so grown wit it you betta gone wit it
I love the way you break it down
I gotta jones for you
All in my bones for you
Waking up three o’clock in the morn’ for you
I neva sweat you baby
But if you let me baby
Know that Ima put it down


[Sean Paul]
You and me girl we could do the thang
Put you in the Chevy let you grip wood grain
Put you in the range wit some apple bottom jeans
House of Dereon and some Chanel frames
Got you on the celly got you calling Sharmaine
Got you riding good got you popping champagne
Got you riding dirty got you throwing up the A
Got ya li’l niece calling Sammie all day
Chirping on my nextel on my 2 way
Sending cute messages about dat face
Said you was grown told me dat you didn’t play
And every since then its been all like A
You and me girl we could do the thang
Tell them who yo man tell em why you bling bling
Tell em that your good
Tell em that it ain’t the same
Tell em Sean Paul told you money ain’t a thang


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