Summer, 2015.

   Ever heard your stomach growl underwater?  It’s just that much more intense.  It’s like, you can actually feel your intestines move inside.  And it’s kinda cool. I reached for the blue noodle and wrapped it behind my head and shoulders and let my fingertips just graze the water.  I laid my head back and … More Summer, 2015.

Hug Your Children.

I just received a call from my youngest son’s school principal. Apparently, a 13-year old girl took a nude photo of herself and forwarded it to her crush who forwarded it to a friend who forwarded it to a friend who forwarded it to my son.  The principal wanted to let me know that police … More Hug Your Children.

In Memory…Terry

So many thoughts. And I can’t find a single way to make sense of them all. You’d think I’d have this down pat, having lost so many loved ones to this fucking disease. Fuck cancer. Terry was 29. Was. I can’t believe I’m using his name in the past tense. There’s nothing I can say. … More In Memory…Terry

In Memory…..Alzira

Her name was Alzira and she was my mother’s younger sister.  Today marks the 7th year anniversary of her death, her long fight with what started as breast cancer. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this post, seeing as I’m already crying.  Lord, guide me please. I was the first niece born … More In Memory…..Alzira