They Came. They Spoke. They Wooed.

Ok, maybe not so much wooed.  But they sure impressed us.  And yes, yes….they proved us wrong…..SOME men haven’t lost the art of conversation.   It was an awesome evening.  It was so awesome that the powers-that-be are making it an annual affair.  We were in great company – even Twitter friends came out *waves at Hayle … More They Came. They Spoke. They Wooed.

I Got Shot Down.

  Note:  The following is NOT a personal account.  I just had to specify this ’cause shit like this does NOT happen to me.             Whatever the female eqivalent of “blue balls” is, I had it last night. Let me give you some background: Man in question is 8 years … More I Got Shot Down.

My Cuban Lover.

Because I’m a woman who strongly believes that “word is bond” and because I feel like shit and reminiscing about him will warm my heart, among other things Ima go ahead and blog about my Cuban Vacation Lover like I promised. So four whole days went by with no sign of Raul. I laid on … More My Cuban Lover.