Am I The Only NON-Drama Baby Mama?

First off, let me just express my dislike of the term “Baby Mama”. Ew. Can we just all agree to say ex-girlfriend, ex-lover or ex-wife? Thanks. Now moving on….. Because this is MY blog, I have every single damn right to self-praise so imagine my big, fat mouth yelling this at the top of my … More Am I The Only NON-Drama Baby Mama?

My Cuban Lover.

Because I’m a woman who strongly believes that “word is bond” and because I feel like shit and reminiscing about him will warm my heart, among other things Ima go ahead and blog about my Cuban Vacation Lover like I promised. So four whole days went by with no sign of Raul. I laid on … More My Cuban Lover.

Dear Lover….

I drove straight past your exit last night. I thought of texting you but…. ……he was waiting. And I couldn’t keep him waiting. My lips are raw from his kissing. I know. I know, I know, I know he’s bad news baby! I know he is. But it’s part of the intrigue, part of the … More Dear Lover….

I’m Just Here.

I hate when people say, “I’m just here”.  Me?  I’m NEVER just here.  I don’t ever recall having a problem expressing myself.  Words tend to just flow freely from my mouth.  But with you?  I hesitate. See, even though I “claim” to be in control, I want a MAN.  A man who’ll grab me by the … More I’m Just Here.