Looking For My Cunning Linguist

Men and their egos.  I love them.  The bigger the ego, the better the conversation (in my opinion anyhow).  How great would it be for you to get full bragging rights to an event that involves your big….ego?  Imagine being given the title of “Toronto’s Most Cunning Linguist”?  Kinda sexy no?  Say it with me…..c-u-n-n-i-n-g  … More Looking For My Cunning Linguist


I have no idea how this is going to begin and how it’s going to end, all I know is it’s going to be truthful and passionate (as is everything in my life) and I’m just talking about what I know. Smackdown. No. Not WWE Raw vs. Smackdown. Just smackdown. It’s my code word. Well … More Smackdown.

Vacation Lovin’.

*Just in time for Spring/March break* Vacation. Just the mere mention of it brings warmth to your bones doesn’t it? How ’bout this…….. Ready? Sex. On. Vacation. That’s warmth in between your thighs right there ain’t it? I’m not talking no “Girls Gone Wild” ‘ish, even though I have not once had a man complain … More Vacation Lovin’.