Spaycee’s Secret.

“I find myself enticed by other birds wearing tight shit with nice tits and nice lips and nice hips who like dick imbibe jizz and ride stick, they come clutch then I dip then I’m pissed then I grip a bottle of white bits, I swallow them quick then it’s myself and my bic.” – … More Spaycee’s Secret.

Cash Money

I’d forgotten all about Cash Money ’til late last night when I noticed a new avi for one of my favourite people on Twitter.  If any of my girls remember Cash Money, you’ll agree with me on the striking resemblance. I met him at the club.  He was about two inches shorter than me, but … More Cash Money

What You Need

I don’t often talk about music because I don’t think I’m very educated yes, there’s such a thing as Musical Education when it comes to music.  I like what I like and that’s about it.  And I was going to just make this a Facebook status but I decided instead to write about it. It’s been … More What You Need