Summer, 2015.


Ever heard your stomach growl underwater?  It’s just that much more intense.  It’s like, you can actually feel your intestines move inside.  And it’s kinda cool.

I reached for the blue noodle and wrapped it behind my head and shoulders and let my fingertips just graze the water.  I laid my head back and immersed my ears in the water. Bloop.  One ear filled but the other one felt kind of off so I tilted my head back some more and then, ahhh, bloop, bloop.  I could now tune out the sounds of the neighbour’s kids.  

I don’t know anything sweeter than having the sun burn down on your face and having no care in the world.  I had 3 items I needed to cook for our Family Carnival Food Fair this afternoon but nothing was more important than catching some end of summer rays.  Ugh.  Sad, right?  End.  Of.  Summer.  Horrible fragment that is.

I don’t have children to prepare for back to school.  I don’t have back-to-school shopping or a schedule I need to get them back in to.  I have a child who is going into his final year of high school and another who graduated high school and is working full-time to save money for college.  So imagine my freedom in the pool this afternoon.

We hardly had any beach time because we were too busy with tons of late-night drives to “The Six”.  We made events out of “Balcony Chilling” or running to Tim’s for iced caps.  We had dinner at 2 a.m. and breakfast at 1 p.m and I’ve been known to make a full-out meal at eleven o’clock at night.  There was arguments about leaving the sunroof in the Caddy open or who was sitting shotgun and getting the AUX cord.  There were arguments about how many teenage boys we could fit in the backseat in order to head out for a late-night drive because we couldn’t leave anyone behind.

This time of year was always bittersweet when my boys were growing up.  It was back-to-school. Now, it’s just end of summer.  And, excuse my melodrama, but I’m sad.

It’s grown-up time.  And no one likes grown-up time.

In the meantime, I’ll lay here in the peace of my outdoor pool for the last time this summer, with chlorine all up in my ears, basking in the sun’s rays and hoping this caramel skin colour of mine lasts way past end of summer. 

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