Mind. Body. Soul.

He commanded I lay down.  So I laid on my back.  Almost immediately my heart started beating faster.  I felt the heat rise to my face.

“Stretch your arms out”, he demanded.  I stretched my arms above my head.

“Close your eyes and breathe”.  Again that voice, calm and soothing.

I closed my eyes and breathed deep, feeling the warm air waft through the air.  My body was almost numb, the heat now spreading down over my breasts, my stomach and in between my thighs.

I took another deep breath. 

The sweat was forming along my temples, falling slowly down the length of my neck.

“Turn on your belly”, he commanded again, his voice like silk over my body, enticing every one of my senses.

I felt his fingertips on my waist, adjusting my position.  I let out a deep breath.

His fingers held on to my waist lightly, as his voice caressed my skin, penetrating deep into my bones, my anticipation rising with every breath of mine and every word of his.

The sweat was forming in places I didn’t think were possible, dripping off my lips, down the middle of my back, my shoulders and legs shiny with wetness.

Another deep breath, my exhales louder than my inhales.  Deep continuous breathing, my whole body filled with heat and wet with sweat.

Another command, another demand, my body obeying each word as if hypnotized.

And then, just like that, it was over.  My heart pounding in my chest, my arms and legs limp, my body hot with sweat, my breathing deep and hard.

That was my first time…………….

………………………………..in hot yoga class.


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